NEW Replacement Filters For Eco Four Twenty (EXPERIMENTAL TEST Combo Pack)

  • $38.00 USD
- $-38.00 USD
  • NEW EXPERIMENTAL REFILLS MADE FROM PLANT BASED PLASTIC - Eco Four Twenty has been working hard to make our eco-friendly filter even more eco-friendly. This new plant-based plastic is biodegradable and reduces the carbon footprint of this product. 

    We are still in the developmental stages of this perfecting these refills, but we would love to have our loving supporters test and try out this product before it is finalized and released. 

  • Test combo pack comes with (1) set of 2 NEW green plant-based refills, and (1) set of 2 original refills. 

Any customer who purchases this test combo and emails us with their feedback will receive a $4.20 off coupon on their next order. Your opinions on this product/what you like about it/how we can improve it are very important to our small business and help us make the product the best it can be 😊💚

  • 2-In-1 Eco-Friendly Box, You Get 2 Official Replacement Filters for the Eco Four Twenty Personal Air Filter
  • LONG LASTING: Lasts Up to 500 Exhales Before Needing to Be Replaced. The Average User will use this for 2-3 months.
  • HIGH-QUALITY 2 STAGE FILTER: Activated Coconut Shell-Carbon Filter + HEPA Filter means this filters more than cheap competitors!
  • EASY TO REPLACE: Simply Unscrew the Eco Four Twenty Personal Air Purifier and replace the filter. It takes only 3 seconds!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY AND 100% COVERED BY MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If For Whatever Reason you Don't Love Your Eco Four Twenty product, Simply let us know and We Refund Your Money.