5 Eco-Friendly Spring Additions To Your Home

5 Eco-Friendly Spring Additions To Your Home

It's that time of year. We can finally open the windows to a nice warm breeze and hear the songbirds chirping - spring is here. With spring comes new beginnings and fresh starts. What better way to invite some of that energy into your home this season than with some eco-friendly additions?


IKEA has become a go-to retailer for everyone's home good necessities. The addition of their sustainable living shop means that they can offer customers high-quality products at low prices and with minimum impact on the environment. With contact new additions to their product lines, we are huge fans of IKEA's ability to promote a more sustainable and eco-conscious way of living (without the big price tag that comes with it). 

The IKEA KORKEN is a glass container is constructed of at least 40% recycled glass and has a tight-fitting cork. Not only is it a great water bottle on it's own to reduce the amount of plastic you would use, but it can also be a beautiful centrepiece if filled with local wildflowers. 

glass bottle with stopper being used as a vase for flowers


EDINA- Recycled Glass Lamp

Spring is a time to really brighten up the energy in a room and create an inviting atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Lamps are a great way to increase light while adding your own personal style. The Edina recycled glass table lamp is a beautiful and rustic addition to any part of your room. The lamp is made from 100% recycled glass, and mouth blown into an elegant shape. Whether you keep it on your work desk or near the living room couch, this recycled glass lamp would be a great eco-friendly addition to any room. 

Eco Four Twenty - Natural Coconut Candle 

What better way to celebrate the warmer weather than with the warm and inviting smells of a flickering candle? It's time to ditch the glass jars and the toxic paraffins that candle companies put in their wax and opt for a cleaner burning experience. The Eco Four Twenty natural coconut candle utilizing the entire coconut- from the meat that is put into the coconut-soy wax blend to the hollowed out shell being used to actually set the candle. Not to mention the amazing sounds the crackling wooden wick makes when lit. Invite the beautiful scent of warm coconut into your homes this spring with this candle. You can thank me later. 

eco four twenty natural coconut candle in a real coconut shell with wooden wick

WallShoppe- Wallpaper 

Tired of seeing the same colours on your wall? Are you looking for a way to liven up your walls without the commitment and fuss of having to repaint it all? Wallpaper is a fantastic way to quickly add a pop of colour and personality to the walls of your room. However, the majority of mass-produced wallpapers are made with PVC, which tends to leak volatile organic compounds (VOCs). That's why we recommend checking out WallShoppe's wallpaper line. Available in both rolls and in removable panels, WallShoppe's products are made in the USA and printed in Los Angeles from 30% recyclable material and making sure to only use non-toxic ink making them clean and safe for any space.

Cold Picnic- Sustainably-Crafted Rugs

Rugs are a fantastic way to create a sense of flow in your space, as well as maintain warm and cozy vibes all throughout the house. Unfortunately, majority of the ornate and hand-woven rugs that come from India are likely woven by children, and quite often by slave labour, according to a study by Harvard. In an effort to combat these human rights issues, Cold Picnic partners directly with manufacturers in India under the Goodweave Certification, which states that the goods are produced without child labor, forced labor, or bonded labor, as well as a Care & Fair Certification. 

The production unit which manufactures their rugs is 100% dependent on solar energy, and all hand tufted weaving machines are run using solar energy. Their factory also established and fully funds a school with a current enrolment of 140 students. Cold Picnic is reinventing the world of stylish and sustainable rugs. 

indoor small area rug on floor with shoes on top next to plant

Take the opportunity of fresh starts and new beginnings to look inward at some of your design choices and start considering the possible eco-friendly options you have to bring your vision to light. Shopping sustainably does not have to be a daunting task- just take it one product at a time!

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