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Eco Four Twenty Coconut Candle Featured in Canndora Gift Guide

Eco Four Twenty Coconut Candle Featured in Canndora Gift Guide

Canndora is a lifestyle brand, online shop and community that promotes unique accessories and brands that help connect women to the recreational and medicinal industry. Canndora continues to champion ground-breaking, innovative brands and products that help foster a more comfortable and accepting community for women to enjoy consumption and participate in the industry. 

Eco Four Twenty is incredibly excited and honoured to announce that our all-natural coconut candle has been featured in the most recent edition of the Canndora Holiday Gift Guide.

canndora connect holiday 2021 gift guide eco four twenty coconut candle

" Every candle is 100% unique and makes for great decor and natural fragrance, even when unlit, and has the added bonus of being budget-friendly so you can even get one for yourself. "- Canndora Holiday Gift Guide

We're very grateful to be celebrated in Canndora's gift guide this year and featured among many other great brand and accessory companies like Jane West and Flower Stampede, just to name a few. Thank you so much for including us in your gift guide!

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If you are looking for some inspiration for gifts this holiday season, check out the Canndora 2021 Holiday Gift Guide here. 

Check out our best selling organic coconut candle here to invite some delicious scents into your home for the holidays. 

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