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Eco Four Twenty Joins The Movement To Save Mount Namuli! Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Announcement!

Eco Four Twenty Joins The Movement To Save Mount Namuli! Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Announcement!

In 2020, Eco Four Twenty is excited to help raise money for the Rainforest Trust Foundation and help Safeguard the Highest Peaks of Mount Namuli in Mozambique!  

As humans, we take great pride in our living circumstances. We take months to pick out the perfect house, spend hours decorating the inside and out with our favourite things, and we work hard to upkeep our homes. By definition our habitat is our living space- whether that be our immediate family, or our entire community. 

Now imagine all of that gone. Your place of safe and secure living is completely decimated. That is a harsh reality many of the wildlife on this planet face everyday. 

Habitat destruction has become increasingly devastating to affected wildlife and ecological well-being. The stark truth is that by the year 2032, more than 70% of the earth’s land surface is estimated to be destroyed, disturbed or fragmented by roads, mines, cities and other infrastructure necessary to human civilization. The natural beauty of our environment is slowly but surely being stripped away by human activity and disregard. 

deforestation habitat destruction smog forest cut down


The main causes of habitat destruction include activities such as; urban and water development, road building, pollution, forest fires and suppression, as well as regular every-day activities. So how do we avoid the destruction of species and their homes for the growing necessities of humans? 

With protected areas. Protected areas are explicitly defined areas of geographical space, recognized and dedicated to achieving and sustaining long-term conservation of nature. But not everyone has the ability and access to these regions and resources. That is exactly why Rainforest Trust has set out to accomplish. 

Incorporated in 1988, Rainforest Trust was created to facilitate the protection and conservation of critically endangered regions through generous donations and partnerships from around the globe. Rainforest Trust has a very simple and effective business model.
First, this non-for-profit will engage and develop strategic partnerships with the world’s leading experts in conservation, providing insight into particular areas of vulnerability and focus. Next, the areas affected by habitat destruction are identified as well as the alternative refuge for these animals. The next step is to develop a scientifically-based conservation plan to ensure an effective and efficient resolution. Once the plan is made, funds are then raised to spur it into action. Lastly, the partners will continue to work closely with local communities and governments to establish and maintain reserves protecting the lands. 

As of 2018, Rainforest Trust has worked in over 50 countries with 102 partnering organizations to protect over 10.9 million acres of land that year. Furthermore, with over 1.28 billion trees saved and 3,800 species protected, 250 of which were threatened, Rainforest Trust is undoubtedly making a huge impact. 

rainforest tree tops rainforest trust conservation eco friendly habitat restoration

Photo Credit- International Union for Conservation of Nature

That is exactly why Eco Four Twenty has decided to team up with Rainforest Trust this holiday season to give back to our planet. We are working towards safeguarding the highest peaks of Mount Namuli in Mozambique. 

 Considered part of the “sky island” mountain chain, that means this peak is geographically distant from other mountain ranges, creating an island habitat almost like a forest enclosed by desert. 

mount namuli protected land Mozambique Africa

Photo Credit- National Geographic Society Newsroom 

By further partnering with Nitidae, a French company created to design, develop and guide initiatives geared towards preserving the environment while simultaneously contributing to the local environment. On the Mount Namuli project in particular, Nitidae aims to advocate for economic and sustainable development, reinforce land security and promote community management, a landscape management strategy to prevent further damage to the protected area, and the creation of a new community around Mount Namuli. 

With the help of our customers, we plan on raising money to contribute to the protection of all areas above 3,937 feet. Through this allocation, resources will be secured for local communities to depend on, as well as safeguard the habitat of many endangered species such as Vincent’s bush squirrel and the Mount Namuli Pygmy Chameleon, to name a few. 

pygmy chameleon mount namuli habitat restoration eco four twenty black friday special

Photo Credit- BBC News UK

On Black Friday November 27, 2020, Eco Four Twenty pledges to donate 100% of ALL proceeds from sales to the Rainforest Trust Mount Namuli project! We don’t want to make any money on Black Friday. 

From November 28 until the project is fully funded, we pledge to donate $4.20 USD from each special collection to this project.

We want to encourage everyone to take the time to give back to our planet, even during the hustle and bustle of shopping for the Holidays. It’s easy to get caught up in all the gift buying, so we’re making it easy to give thanks to your loved ones and to our environment. We will continue to donate $4.20 from all participating products towards the safeguarding of Mt. Namuli until the total goal of $420,900 is met!

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