Eco-Tattooing at Grateful House in Downtown Toronto

Eco-Tattooing at Grateful House in Downtown Toronto

With tattoos becoming an increasingly popular way for people to express themselves it comes as no surprise to find out that approximately 3.5 in 10 North Americans have at least one tattoo, and most don’t plan on stopping there. However, as with any growing industry, the environmental repercussions are seldom proactively considered. 

One factor of concern is the ink used. Some of the pigments used in adding colour to the ink may contain environmental toxins, heavy metals and even animal products. Specific ingredients in after care products, such as the glycerine in the soap or the petroleum, contain animal byproducts and thus contribute to greenhouse gas emissions from refinement processes. Furthermore, much of the materials used are single-use for sanitary purposes and thus leads to a large production of personal waste throughout hours of operation. 


A revolution in ethical tattooing is beginning to take place as parlours all over the world begin to make efforts in reducing their environmental impact. One tattoo artist in particular is on the forefront of this change with a career-long pledge to make a difference. 

Scott Borkowski is a creative visionary and environmental advocate sharing his passion for life through his art. Scott is a co-owner of The Grateful House, a tattoo parlour in downtown Toronto, and known for his clean and intricate blackwork. As an active community member, adventurist and environmental lover, Scott is taking initiative to create the change he wants to see in the world. 

By teaming up with One Tree Planted, a nonprofit organization focused on combating global deforestation, Scott has committed to planting one tree for every tattoo he does for as long as he can! Further proceeds from each of those tattoos will be donated directly to One Tree Planted to help fund the costs of land preparation, tree growing, planting and maintenance across international sites. 


However, Scott’s efforts are far from stopping there as he has also found a way to make even black ink, a bit greener. By announcing the transition to more sustainable materials, 90% of all of Scott’s tattoo supplies will be 100% completely biodegradable. Now from beginning to end, the process of a tattoo will have a positive lasting impact on the client and the environment. 



As a small business, we are deeply inspired by the values and leadership Scott is promoting within and around his community. We look forward to seeing more awesome environmental initiatives coming from Scott and The Grateful House team. 

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