#TeamTrees and Eco Four Twenty - Black Friday 2019 Green Project

#TeamTrees and Eco Four Twenty - Black Friday 2019 Green Project

Eco Four Twenty is known for making high-quality green accessories. But we also LOVE green ideas. So we had to jump at the opportunity to work with #TeamTrees and help raise money for a great environmental cause this Black Friday. 

TeamTrees with MrBeast Raising 20 Million Dollars to Plant 20 Million Trees

We are happy to announce that for Black Friday 2019, Eco Four Twenty will donate 100% of our website proceeds to the #TeamTrees Project (https://teamtrees.org/).
If you are going to buy any of our products, do it on November 29th 2019 so that your sales can go to a good cause and plant some trees! 
Check out this message from our Founder / CEO.  

Working with the Arbour Day foundation, the world's largest tree-planting charity in the world, Youtube celebrity MrBeast and NASA scientist Mark Rober set up a YouTube wide collaboration that encourages the community to collectively raise 20 million dollars for this amazing environmental initiative of planting 20 million trees! For every dollar donated, the Arbour Day Foundation promise to plant a tree.
So, it’s 20 million dollars for 20 million trees, by 2020.

This is a green initiative that we can get behind! Trees fight climate change, improve air quality, and provide homes to hundreds of different animals!

To kickstart the Black Friday Sale, Eco Four Twenty also donated $420 USD to help plant 420 Trees. Because this is an important cause that helps make our planet a little bit greener. Eco Four Twenty donation to TeamTrees Raising 20 million dollars to help plant 20 million trees

Eco Four Twenty Black Friday 2019 Green Project With Team Trees

Together, let's plant some trees. 

To donate directly to Team Trees, visit https://teamtrees.org/

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