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*UPDATE* Thank You to all the AMAZING supporters and brands from this giveaway! The winners have been contacted and will be announced shortly. We appreciate all the high-quality brands and fans who helped make this Big Christmas Giveaway happen and we love you. 

Eco Four Twenty is excited to host the BIG CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! We have partnered with 6 other AMAZING companies that will be sure to make your Christmas Merry. 2 Random Winners Drawn on Dec 24th!  

Check out the Amazing Brands Involved In
The ECO FOUR TWENTY Big Christmas Giveaway! 
Eco Four Twenty strives to create high quality products that elevate your lifestyle and help you live a better life. Our products are designed to be better for the environment and better for you! Eco Four Twenty Personal Air Filters are the ultimate smoke filters that allow you to filter smoke and odor upon exhaling. With a replaceable filter cartridge system, you can simply replace the filters without having to throw out the entire unit! This is the only sploof you will ever need. 
Each Winner Receives: 2 Personal Air Filters, 2 Boxes of extra Replacement Air Filters and 1 Portable Humidor and Carrying Case. 
The heart of Choast is developed by two socialable and dedicated people who dress fashionably and love to stay comfortable. Choast is committed to providing quality products that are unique, comfortable and stylish. The Choast team aspires to create a simplistic and discrete brand that people can resonate with from all over the world. 
Each Winner Recieves: 1 Choast Hat, Shirt and Sweater! 
The Toker Poker was created like every great product – as a matter of necessity. After constantly finding ourselves in search of a poker, we simply asked ourselves: why isn’t there a product with a poker and tamper attached to the lighter? After many designs and years of work later, the amazing Toker Poker was born. If you use lighters, you will love this accessory and company. 
Each Winner Receives: 2 Toker Pokers! 
The 420 Book Society is a book club for the green enthusiast and curious! Created to provide education in the comfort and privacy of your home with our featured book of the month, plus 2-3 unique and educational essentials to enhance the learning experience, delivered right to your door every month! If you are looking for the best book recommendations and education from the comfort of your own home, you need to check out this company. 
Each Winner Receives: 1 Goldleaf Patient Journal and Apothecary Hemp Wick Jar
The Chill Hit is an innovative mouthpiece product that allows you to take Ice cold hits without the ice! It helps replace ice in your glass, keeping your hits colder and better! It also comes in a number of awesome colors such as green, blue and pink! ChillHit is a company that seeks to optimize everyday gadgets to unlock their greatest functional potential. 
Each Winner Receives: 1 Chill Hit Mouthpiece!
The Hot Case is a leading manufacturer of protective of a smell-proof, water-proof and crush-proof case. This carrying case is super portable, super strong and super long-lasting. Carry whatever you need without worry and know that it will be safe and secure! 
Each Winner Receives: 1 Medium Hot Case! 
The Her(b) Life is a new magazine that focuses on celebrating the feminine green experience while promoting inclusivity, diversity and amplifying the marketing messages of partners. The Her(B) Life aims to share positive content about women through their spotlight series and high-quality magazine articles. 
Each Winners Receives: The Her(B) Life Magazine and a #DopeLadies Mug! 


  • Posted by Dominic L on

    Entered and this looks like a huge prize

  • Posted by Cj on

    Super excited, amazing and exceptionally outstanding prizes!

  • Posted by Marco from California on

    Awesome new giveaway! I am in for sure and I already shared it with friends. Will enter every day if I get more entries.

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